jbg00d’s Live-Strike Lure Updates

News & updates about the jbg00d's lineup of LiveStrike Lures.

Wow! we have had more inquiries about jbg00d's “Live-Strike” swimbait lures than we could have ever imagined! We are just as excited as ya'll to get our hands on them! The Live Strike lures are downright amazingly realistic, we are sure they will be a huge success on the water!

Update, 2/28/17 @10:28pm PT
jbg00d's new LiveStrike Swimbait Lures just went into production and with be up for sale on Sunday the 5th. Also, we will be giveing away a 5 piece lure set to someone who's signed up for our LiveStrike Lure Updates. So don't get caught with your panties down. Signup today!

Update, 2/19/17 @12:39pm PT
The new LiveStrike Swimbait Lures are getting their logo's printed at this very moment! We will have our first inventory stock in roughly one week.

Regarding the LiveStrike Hooks: we've run into a manufacturing setback with hook requirements so we've opted to go with Owner Stinger hooks until our LIveStrike hooks become available.

Prelaunch orders will be offered in a few days of arrival. That said, with the number of inquiries we've received, we highly recommend ordering as soon as we open the prelaunch doors. because rest assured, they're not going to last!

Update, 2/14/17 @9:33pm PT
We have received a final approval samples of our new jbg00d's LiveStrike swimbait lures and I have to say, we're impressed! We feel the these are some of the best swimbait lures you'll find for your money.

jbg00d's LiveStrike Swimbait lures will be up for prelaunch sale shortly… Be sure to signup for jbg00d's 30% Pre-launch discount code becuase once our first rollout is gone, so is the discount!

Update, 2/11/17 @9:29am PT
We are anxiously waiting for our first run of the product to be completed and delivered. We wish it was an overnight process, but the injection molding process takes time due to required perfection changes prior to the initial rollout of the product. That said, we love to just “toss” these lures out to ya'll, but perfection takes time.

We should have our first Live-Strike lure rollout ready for sale/delivery 2-4 weeks depending on how our latest change request comes out. Once we approve the samples, the product can produced, shipped and ready for sale in a matter of a couple weeks.

On that note, please bear with us. We promise, it'll be worth the while!

Feel free to ask questions and or comment. Dave or myself will reply shortly.

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  1. James February 12, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    Hello everyone. If you have any questions and you don’t mind them being public, go ahead and post them here and either Dave or I will respond. Otherwise you can you use our contact form here


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