Muskie PIke Swimbait Lures – 8in, 2.9oz

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Muskie Pike swimbait lures. These 8 inch swimbait lures not only arre they beautifully printed, but are done in the colors that spacifically attrach aggresive preditorial fish. See details below.

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This 8″ multi-jointed muskie pike swimbait is one of the best larger artificial baits you can buy. It has the ability to mimic the swimming action of the actual muskie pike species that provoke predators to bite.

Features & benefits of Our 8 inch Muskie Pike Swimbait Lures

  • Balanced for a natural swim rhythm!
  • CNC printed with the most attractive print and colors!
  • Multi jointed to provide the best realistic movement!
  • Weighs in at a perfectly balanced 2.9 onces!
  • Flexible rubber rear fin to give more realism!
  • Very competitively priced!

Additional images of the Live Strike sponsored Muskie Pike Lures

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