Live Strike Lures – 7in Glidebait

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jbg00d’s LIVE-STRIKE series lures are one of the most realistically designed and agressively priced “glidebait” lures available. The 7 inch LIVESTRIKE lure is fitted with the very best hooks, saving you time & money buying and installing better hooks. Straight out of the box,  LIVESTRIKE lures is ready to go! See details below…

A jbgoods Exclusive Product

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Features & Benefits of The LiveStrike Lures:

  • Extremely balanced for the best neutral glides posible!
  • CNC printing for the most accurate resemblance to the real spieces!
  • Single jointed to provide the best realistic movement!
  • Weighs in at a perfectly balanced 2.3 onces!
  • Equipped with strong hooks to keep the “Fish on”!
  • Very competitively priced!

Here's Angler, Carlos Rodriguez Testing the action of jbg00d's Live-Strike lures while trolling.


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